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Repeater Update

Posted 1/10/2023

The "84" repeater made it's way into it's new home back in November (2022). After a couple weeks a problem developed, and is suspected to exist the antenna system. A team did inspect, but a weather system forced them to retreat from the mountain top before a full diagnostic was performed. We'll know more when access conditions improve. Until then 146.840 is offline.


Posted 1/14/2023

It became known a few days ago that the 220 repeater had been offline. Since this repeater is not used all that much yet, it is supposed that it had been malfunctioning for a few weeks. Upon inspection, it was discovered that the repeater had reset itself into a diagnostic(?) mode. The repeater was set back into normal operation mode, and is online again. If you observe it goes offline at any time please inform Steve Edwards, WA7SDE, or another club member of it's status.

Laptop and Paperwork

General Information

Posted 1/14/2023

Several issues regarding the Club Trustee, and the W7AQ registration coalesced to create a perfect storm this past month. The issues were known, and in the midst of all of it the Executive Officers were able to quickly act to apply remedy the problem. The paperwork has been properly filed, and is being processed by the ARRL with the FCC. We wish a speedy recovery and better health to our Trustee.

Update 1/18/2023

FCC.GOV indicated that license renewal for W7AQ complete.

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