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There are several ham-radio repeaters in the county. Some are maintained by the club, while others are maintained privately by local amateur operators or the Yakima County Sheriff's Office (Search and Rescue). Scroll down for a partial list.  We've been informed by Search and Rescue that their repeaters are open to general ham use, unless there's an active search being conducted.

Select Yakima County Repeaters


Eagle Peak W7AQ

Output: 146.660

Input: 146.060

CTCSS: 123

NOTES: very popular

Elephant Mountain W7AQ

Output: 146.840

Input: 146.240

CTCSS: 123

NOTES: back online!

Bethel Ridge W7AQ

Output: 147.300

Input: 147.900

CTCSS: 123

NOTES: above Rimrock reservoir

Elephant Mountain W7AQ

Output: 224.900

Input: 223.300

CTCSS: 123

NOTES: 1.25m, online at alternate location for testing

Ahtanum Ridge W7CCY

Output: 146.940

Input: 146.340

CTCSS: 173.8

Cherry Hill KB7CSP

Output: 147.040

Input: 147.640

CTCSS: 123

NOTES: near Prosser

Quartz Mountain WA7SAR

Output: 145.270

Input: 144.670

CTCSS: 123

NOTES: Near Snoqualmie pass.


Darland Mountain WA7SAR

Output: 146.860

Input: 146.260

CTCSS: 123

NOTES: linked

King Mountain WA7SAR

Output: 147.080

Input: 147.680

CTCSS: 123

NOTES: linked

Yakima Ridge WA7SAR

Output: 147.060

Input: 147.660

CTCSS: 85.4

NOTES: linked

If you'll be operating in the Lower Valley, or close to the Tri-Cities area, you may also wish to contact the Spout Springs Club. Yakima hosts a repeater for the Spokane Repeater Group as well. This is a registered group; if you wish to use their network of repeaters (which covers most of eastern Washington), they ask that you register on the thier website.

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